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By Joining Burleigh Leagues Club you also become a member of Burleigh Sports Club and Gold Coast Bowls & Community Club, and can immediately take advantage of all the rewards on offer within our Premier Plus Rewards Program.

By using your membership card when you drink, dine or play at Burleigh Bears Leagues Club, Burleigh Sports Club and Gold Coast Bowls & Community Club, you will be entitled to a range of rewards! As you advance through our rewards program you will enjoy additional rewards & greater benefits.

Kiosk Swipe & Win Prizes

Swipe your membership card at the kiosk each time you enter the Club for your chance to win a range of prizes and offers.

Earn Premier Points

Earn Premier Points instantly by using your membership card when making purchases across our multiple Clubs or when playing the gaming machines.

Discounted Drinks & Meals

Use your card when you purchase drinks at the bar, or when ordering meals in the bistro to receive discounts.

Birthday Premier Points

Each member receives Birthday Premier Points to use in the Club during your birth month. Points will automatically be added to your card on the 1st of the month & expire at end of business on the last day of the month.

Member Rewards

Use of club facilities

All Levels

Participate in club promotions

All Levels

Discounts at bar and Bottle shop

All Levels

Bonus points at Bears and Sports gaming

All Levels

Allow to stand for management committee

League & Brick Members

Allowed attendance at AGM of The Bears

League & Brick Members

Gain 10 Year Membership and Plaque at Bears

Brick Members